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Подборка веселых снимков, сделанных в нужный момент

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Чтобы получить уникальный кадр, необязательно быть профессиональным фотографом, главное – поймать нужный момент.

Подборка веселых снимков, сделанных в нужный момент

Фото: boredpanda.com

По неписаному правилу самые интересные фотографии в большинстве случаев получаются случайно. Снимки, которые вошли в эту подборку, лишний раз доказывают то, что если даже очень захотеть, то нарочно повторить такие фото будет очень сложно, сообщается на сайте boredpanda.com.

А у вас есть похожие фото, сделанные в нужный момент? Делитесь снимками в комментариях.

That Time A Squirrel Gave Me The Finger

Behold, The Majestic Manatee!

I Still Can’t Tell If This Is Crap Wildlife Photography Or Just Incredibly Cute Wildlife Photography

"I Have No Idea What I'm Doing"

Long Story Short... I Was Trying To Photograph A Blue Jay

Throwback To Taking A Poorly Timed Picture Of A Praying Mantis On My Windshield Before Leaving For Work

I Found This Wizard Squirrel In A Pile Of Trash. It’s The Best Crap Photo I’ve Taken.

This Is An Emu That Attacked My Car Window Several Years Ago At A Wild Animal Park In Oregon. Barely Got My Window Rolled Up Before This Demon Seed Tried To Attack Me. Note: It Was Light Outside But For Some Reason My Flash Went Off, Adding To The Drama

Have You Ever Laughed So Hard Water Squirted Out Your Nose?

I Heard Him Whistling As He Walked By. True Story

I Call It "Preaching To The Choir" But Draw Your Own Conclusions! Something Very Strange Is Definitely Going On Here!

Spread Ur Wings, Point Ur Toes And Jump ... This Was Almost A Cool Pic

I Just Wanted A Nice Picture Of A Duck For A Uni Assignment...


Deer Butt Sprinklers

That Time I Caught The Raccoons Smoking In The Garbage Dumpster

I Call Him Buddha ....... And Sir

Even The Squirrels Have Given Up On 2020 (Edit- No Need To Be Concerned...the Squirrel Is Just Resting. She Moved On Quickly After)

Fantastic Shot Of A Broken Umbrella Today

'Friendly' Magpie In The Backyard. Super-Stoked To Be Having His Picture Taken

There's Some Soap Opera Level Drama Happening At The Bird Feeder...i Wonder What The Story Is? Squirrel Seems Worried Someone Is Tryna Take Her Man, That's For Sure...

Carp Photography





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